Website Design


We plan your website

Through consultation, we take the opportunity to get to know you and your business better. We become familiar with the services you offer and the history of your company. We collect information such as ideas for pages, content, and functionality for your web design project. We want to make your website a recognizable part of your business, so we collect branding information such as colors, logos, slogans, etc. Then we thoroughly analyze and evaluate all the collected data and strategics plans for the next steps in our or web design process.

We make analysis of your concept

Once we have gone through the requirement, we search for the reference site. We make analysis for the structure of the website by dividing data into section for usability. Along with this navigation are decided.

Its time for designing

Once we have everything together, we enter the design phase of your website. Our company uses Responsive Layouts for the website.We setup a staging environment for your web design project so you can watch as we design your website in real time. Since all of our web design work is custom, we keep in constant contact with you to get input on the design in progress and make changes as you request them. The web design process is commonly our quickest process. Once the design of your website is set in stone, our web developers take it from there!


The term Responsive Design means that the structure of website is designed such that it is compatible with each devices. Its an SEO friendly code and also cross compatible with latest browsers. This is the phase where testing of website bugs in designing are sorted out and then fixing of bugs is done.

We launch your website

We're almost ready for lift off! Before we actually launch your website, our whole team does one more thorough walk through of the entire web design project to make sure that everything is up to par. Then we present the finished web design product to you for the final inspection. Once approved, we educate you on how to run your website and then we go ahead and launch it! For the first few weeks, we will assist you for no extra charge in maintaining your website until you and/or your staff get the hang of managing your website efficiently.